Alcopop is an international content provider and artists promoter offering entertainment services with a variety of artists' works, specialising in content ranging from international and local concerts, classical music performances, innovative shows, exhibitions, music festivals, musicals, to educational forums and conferences.  
Founded in 2015, Alcopop was established purely from a love of and passion for music and the arts. The team is committed to working together to deliver new and exciting ranges of musical, cultural and art experiences to all.  At Alcopop, we share the belief that music and art should reflect the diversity of today’s world and should be accessible to everyone.  Therefore, it is our objective to provide and present diverse quality events from different parts of the world.
We take pride in being the very first in the country to promote new experiences, such as presenting films with live concert, an event form that not only showcased the magnificent orchestra performed by the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra but also brought together a love of film and music across all ages and genders.
The idea, moving forward, is, thus, to set a trend to stage more diverse international events in Thailand with the hope of creating a foundation of love and passion for music and arts, while providing inspirational events for the local community as well as local artists.  Our long-term goal is to ultimately see Thailand as the centre
of art and culture in Asia.  
We hope that you will enjoy our events and also hope they will continue to inspire new supporters and initiatives.  Join us to share your passion and stay tuned for more exciting content.  
Cheers from the ALCOPOP team.  Make it pop!